Protect Your Garden from Unhealthy Chemicals

These days many of us use our driveway and yard as space for car maintenance.  Often we will take the hose out and wash the car down, use a vacuum to clean out the interior, scrub the tires and wheel rims, and even give it a good coat of wax.  Rarely do we consider what effect these chemicals and work has upon our yard and garden.  The chemicals and solvents contained in the detergents used when washing down the car exterior can be extremely harmful to delicate plants.  That is why it is a good idea to do your auto maintenance and upkeep somewhere removed away from the yard area where you most valuable garden and decorative plants are growing.  You certainly don’t want your garden vegetable plants to be soaking up water that was been imbued with car wash detergent, or soot that has washed from the car’s body.  Nor would you want your favorite roses to get a dose of unleaded gas in their next watering.

Check the containers of any fluids you use in your car maintenance work to see what contents they have and whether there are any warnings or instructions concerning the way they should be disposed.  While most auto detergents may not contain hazardous contaminants, fluids used when working on engine parts or lubricants may not be desirable to have leeching into your topsoil.  Any hazardous disposal instructions they may have mean that you don’t want them oozing into your flower beds.  Also avoid leaving used auto parts on the bare ground for extended periods of time since any oils or lubricants can also seep into the soil.  When you replace worn parts with new ones from Advance Auto Parts try to see that the replaced items are correctly discarded.  And don’t just put them in a recycle can; many recycle services lack the treatment facilities to collect and remove used grease and oils.

Try using a Groupon coupon to save money on the purchase of the replacement parts you will be installing on your car.  The money you save can be used to further improve the health and well-being of your garden.  By following these simple steps your car can look as attractive as your garden will.  And both will be equally healthy.