Garden Animal Pests

Dogs in the Garden

Dogs can quickly do serious damage in your garden beds. The best way to keep dogs out of your vegetable garden is to fence off the area with wire fencing where you will be planting. You can also use electric fencing to keep dogs out of the garden, but you’ll have better success with using multiple strands of electric wire at various heights rather than just one strand. Some dog repellents are available on the market to keep dogs out of the garden, but the majority of these require the gardener to reapply the product after any rainfall, limiting the time for you to just enjoy the gardening experience.

Cats in the Garden

One of the biggest pests in the garden is cats, mainly because they find the loose garden soil a prime area for relieving themselves. If you have cats as pets, your best control option to keep cats out of the garden is also going to be wire fencing or electric fencing. If the cat visiting your garden is a stray or a neighbor’s cat, it would be wise to either have the stray caught and taken to the local humane society and for the neighbor’s cat, have a nice talk with the neighbor and express your concerns in a polite way.

Deer in the Garden

Probably every gardener’s worst animal pest in the garden is the deer. Deer are very fond of virtually every plant growing in a vegetable garden. From bean plants to corn to a nice big head of lettuce ready to harvest. “When you see one deer, watch out for more!” A herd of deer can quickly diminish your vegetable garden overnight. The only true way to keep deer out of your garden is to build a very tall wire fence, about 8 feet in height, or alternatively 6 feet with two strands of electric fence at the top of the wire fence. Commercial repellents are also available to repel deer, but again, most of these have to be reapplied after any rainfall amounts.

Rabbits in the Garden

Rabbits bothering your vegetable garden plants are mostly a concern to those living and gardening in rural areas. Since using firearms in rural areas is mostly permissive, this is the most often used form of prevention for keeping rabbits from eating vegetables from your garden beds. A more humane alternative is to trap them in a wire cage and release in a more secluded spot.